James Dylan Biography

It all started with the love of a girl. Actually, the love of two girls. "When I was 6 years old I had a crush on a girl who loved David Cassidy… I figured the best way to her heart was through music." Thus begins the musical journey of James Dylan, Lead Singer of Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience.

Born October 31st 1966, Dylan grew up in Stoughton, Wisconsin. His family moved to the East Coast where he learned to play the guitar and sing while in high school.

Dylan performed as a professional musician for many years, twice

taking bands out on the road. He stopped performing after his children were born and began working for a political consulting firm where he still works today.

In 2007 there would be another girl, a beautiful goddess named Averelle who loved the music of Led Zeppelin. James was a divorced father of 2 and had not been performing music for over 15 years. Inspired by Averelle's mutual love of Led Zeppelin's music, James recorded himself performing That's The Way which he posted on YouTube for her.

James recorded several additional videos for Averelle, who has since become his wife. One day he contacted Japanese guitarist and YouTube contributor, Jun626, about a Led Zeppelin video collaboration. The band, Virtual Zeppelin, consisted of musicians from Japan, The United States and Canada. Each member recorded themselves remotely performing the music of Led Zeppelin in synch with one another onto video for distribution on YouTube. The resulting videos were viewed by thousands. Included among those who watched was Jason Bonham.

"Jason had seen videos of me with Virtual Zeppelin and contacted me. We stayed in touch until one day he called and shared his first ideas about putting together a show where he would perform his father's music and tell the story of what Led Zeppelin meant to him from the unique perspective of being the son of John Bonham during Led Zeppelin's ascent to the top."

In 2010 Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience performed 30 shows commemorating the 30th anniversary of John Bonham's passing. In December of 2012 the surviving members of Led Zeppelin were awarded at the 35th Kennedy Center Honors. The evening's high point featured legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart performing the Led Zeppelin anthem Stairway to Heaven with Jason Bonham joining them on Drums.

This Summer Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience joins Heart for a North American tour sharing the stage for a 30 minute encore of Led Zeppelin classics.