"Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience - The surprise hit of the festival." 


"Each note was so uncanny that if you closed your eyes you would swear you were listening to the salty croon of Robert Plant, the fiery licks of Jimmy Page and the sweet synchronization of drum legend John Bonham."

~ Matt Oakes, Silver Screen Riot
• • •
"The best Robert Plant replacement on the planet. His vocals were more Plant than Robert has been since Zeppelin ended in 1980. Dylan's range is perfectly suited for the tunes and his vocal phrasing mimics Plant at his finest. His performance was not a replica of Zeppelin's past performances, but every sound that exited his throat sounded like something you'd have heard coming off the stage in 1973."

~ Matt Champion, KDHX Community Media
• • •
"It isn’t just that he manages to hit the notes that Plant was hitting in his vocal prime of 1968-1971, which would be impressive in its own right; Dylan also manages to recreate Plant’s disparate phrasing, intonation, and delivery from a wide array of songs in a way that is often downright eerie. My first “goosebumps moment” of the evening came during Sick Again. I blurted out a dumbfounded “whoa” when I heard how well he made the transition from the high and clear vocals of Rock and Roll (1971) and Celebration Day (1970) to the rough, raw, and gravelly vocals of Physical Graffiti’s final track."
~ Wyatt Brake, Zep Cowboy
• • •
"The band sounded terrific from the get go. James Dylan sounded astoundingly like Robert Plant. Something I was not expecting, nor was I prepared for, and I had to take a moment to fully soak it in."
~ Clayton Cyre, Abort Magazine
• • •
"I swear if you closed your eyes lead vocalist James Dylan would make you believe you were listening to Robert Plant’s thunderous vocals"
~ South Florida Insider
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