"I gained more respect for Jason Bonham’s ability as a drummer, was impressed with the guitar work of Tony Catania, but absolutely enthralled by the performance of James Dylan. I never thought anyone could come close to Robert Plant, and James Dylan proved me so wrong!"


"My jaw dropped when James Dylan began singing. This was Robert Plant incarnate. I could close my eyes and feel like I was back at a Zeppelin concert in the seventies! My son and brother-in-law were with me and as he was singing, doing the trademark Robert Plant screaming, we were turning to each other shaking our heads in amazement."


"The ensuing song absolutely blew me away and was probably my favorite of the night because of the mind-blowing vocals of James Dylan, Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You. Great! The audience jumped up to give a raucous standing ovation."

~ Peter S. Sakas, Rock Chicago Magazine
• • •
"Fronting Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience - arguably the hot seat in the band - is the golden-throated James Dylan, who carries Robert Plant’s trademark shrill howl-moan with immutable potency. From “Immigrant Song” to “Thank You” to “The Ocean” to a stunning rendition of “In The Light,” Dylan relayed one of the most charismatic voices in rock with humble strength. Led Zeppelin never played “In The Light” live, adding a layer of gravitas to Dylan’s sublime rendering."
~ Jason Blevins, Reverb
• • •
"James Dylan of Virtual Zeppelin did a fantastic job all night."
"Dylan’s vocals/phrasing during Since I’ve Been Loving You were so close to what you hear from Plant on the third album that they defied belief. Incredible."

~ Wyatt Brake, Zep Cowboy
• • •

James Dylan on vocals is as good as it gets.
When it comes to Led Zeppelin, you must see this band. It’s mandatory.

~ Steven Brazill, KCAL FM
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