"The man with the hardest job on stage, however, is not Jason Bonham. The man whose shoulders it falls on to truly bring the magic of Zeppelin to life is vocalist James Dylan. The most impressive thing about Dylan is that he can hit Plant’s high notes and also mimic Robert’s normal, lower tone as well. Bonham discovered Dylan on YouTube and even commented during the evening, “James is the real deal.”
"Dylan’s wailing brought the crowd to their feet."
~ Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited
• • •

"The show’s musical technique and dedication was nothing short of sonically awe-inspiring."


"As genuine Zeppelin as it’s going to get."


"By the time the lights came up, the exhausted but thoroughly satisfied audience was raucous in their cheering and applause."

~ Elliot Levin, NY Hard Rock Music Examiner
• • •
"James Dylan whose voice was truly magical throughout the entire two and a half hours that he was on stage."
~ Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal, Metal Aasault
• • •
"Man did he nail it. The awesome thing though is that he wasn't trying to sound like Plant. He was just singing, and singing really fuckin' well at that!"
~ Stephy Hayward, Z-Rockr
• • •
"Vocalist James Dylan belted out a strong range that had many newcomers to the experience thinking this was a dream"
~ CrypticRock
• • •
"James Dylan.  His vocals were right on with a very similar sound of a young studio version of Robert Plant."
~ Mike Arnold, Concert Blast
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