"James Dylan’s compelling vocals come as close as one could expect to get to the original sound. For many in the attendance his voice was definitely the highlight of the event as evidenced by the multiple ovations he received throughout the show... all well deserved."

~ Natalia Britt, Glendale Music Examiner
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"Dylan sounds so much like Robert Plant it was actually surprising for a moment to hear an American voice, and not a British accent the first time he addressed the crowd."
~ Richard Rosenthal, Screamer Magazine
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"James Dylan, lead singer and YouTube find, had such an exceptional voice that could only compliment the band’s triumphant gift of flattery and love to one of the greatest rock bands of all time. As John’s son followed in his footsteps, they most definitely did him justice."
~ Molly Molin, Concart
• • •

"Vocalist James Dylan is a spot on Robert Plant."

~ Daniel Siwek, LA Music Critic
• • •

"Sell-out crowd at Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall on Sunday night, “'Experience' is a gross understatement of what they witnessed."


"it’s a reality to say that if you’d closed your eyes at any point of this show, you would have believed you were listening to the real thing. Lead singer James Dylan was able to repeatedly reach the notes and emulate the squeals that made Robert Plant’s vocals such an integral part of the Zep sound. And yes, he and the band DID tackle “Stairway To Heaven” and yes, they managed to pull it off flawlessly. Dylan’s vocal gymnastics and his strut and swagger tastefully honored the mighty Plant without coming across as a hokey rip-off. It’s refreshing to see and hear a band that is reliving the high point of a legendary band without feeling the need to dress or look like them."

Gabe Echazabal, The Daily Loft
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